Glimpse of HOPE

Recently Monsoon rain flood 2022 devastated the whole Country, in which Province of Sindh was also badly affected by the acute hit of rain flood which caused hundreds of precious lives have sofar been lost, thousands received injured and thousands of families disbursed towards safe places because of lacs of Pacca and Katcha houses of urban and rural areas were demolished and damaged. There is one District of Sindh Province named Khairpur Mirs District which was also badly affected from the Monsoon rain flood strokes. And in this regard to provide the Relief and Rehabilitation services, Riverside Development Organization – RDO is non Governmental and Non Profitable Organization came forward to help their people in these hard days and visited the Village Zanwar Abdul Razaque Shar of Union Council Sabarr Taluka Thari Mirwah of District Khairpur Mirs Sindh, where the road was disconnected due to rain water inundated that village and other surrounding villages as they using boats for travel and RDO with the support of it’s coalition partners arranged a Free Medical Camp while providing them Free Medicines in which Doctor Agha Muneer Khan and the Lady Doctor Aysha Muneer accompanied with their technical male and female paramedical staff served the patients there and Similarly RDO distributed the Ration bags, NFI Kits and Mosquito Nets amongst the hundreds of rain affected families without any discrimination of race, cast, color and faith. The dwellers of that village and other surrounding villages of Union Council Sabarr were deprived from the basic amenities while badly facing unbearable problems of shortage of food and health care services because of their houses and all other belongings were lost in recently heavy rain fall. Not only this but their source of livelihood Agricultural lands were destroyed and still remained under the grip of water. Due to standing water about 4 to 5 feets surrounding of the villages of that area for continuously more than 60 days, water had changed its color as greenish while bad smelling which caused the several skin disease and other diseases were spread out and affects the villagers specially children, women and elderly people are on high risk. Similarly the Educational Institutes sustained because of the rain water entered the schools and remained closed. Losses: Houses demolished and Damaged Lost of Agricultural Lands Agriculture was badly affected and destroyed as the Agricultural land inundated with rain water about 4 to 5 feets. Whereas more than sixty (60) days have been passed to ended of the monsoon rain. Livestock was badly affected (died due to hunger and severely suffering from multiple diseases) Road was disconnected and using boats for travel. All Schools of boys and girls are still under the rain water. Needs: Provision of Safe Drinking Water Derail of standing Rain Water from their villages especially from Agricultural Lands and Roads. Provision of Fodder and Vaccination for their livestock. Spray (Fumigations) Warm Clothes and Shoes (Due to Winter Season) Non Cooked Food/Ration (atleast of one Month for a single family) Non Food Items – NFI Kits (Covering Hygiene aspects) & Mosquito Nets Medical Services (Medical Camps for villagers and for their livestock) Restoration of Schools and Civic Life etc.