Quality Education

In education, RDO’s aims to sensitize and educate Riverside Slums Community children to education bill (25a) through advocacy initiatives, to develop mechanism of implementation of Right to Education Bill (25a) with the consultation of education departments and to establish campus at Sukkur Higher Secondary schools through franchise/partnership.

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Basic Health

Riverside Development Organization (RDO) has been making efforts to provide quality health services after the devastating floods in Sindh. since 2010 super floods through free medical camps. There have been awareness sessions on hygiene promotion and nutrition with women groups and also with students as well.

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Food Security Agriculture and livelihood

RDO has dedicated to addressing food insecurity and malnutrition in Pakistan through a range of programs and initiatives. Some of the key areas we focus on include: Improving agricultural productivity: We work with smallholder farmers to improve crop yields and diversify their production, helping them to grow a wider range of nutritious foods.

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Environment and Climate Change

RDO has taken environment & climate change as thematic areas for the organization with the purpose to provide support & contribute to communities in building their resilience to cope with impacts of climate change. There are numbers of initiatives RDO has identified to work across the sectors and kept the environment and climate change as mainstreamed areas so that in every interventions community will get the awareness, technological knowledge and local adaptation measure which can help them in building culture of adaptation.

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RDO has taken a number of initiatives in place to improve water, sanitation, and hygiene in Pakistan. The government has set a goal of providing access to clean water and improved sanitation facilities to all citizens by 2030. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and international organizations are also working to improve water, sanitation, and hygiene in the country through education and infrastructure development projects.

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RDO is working since 2008 with the vision “TO SERVE HUMANITY IS TO SERVE GOD”. RDO initially started to work among the Slum Dwellers residing along the Riverbank of Indus (Katcha Bandar) and implemented its 3 years pilot project “The Riverside Slum Children Project (RSCP)”. These were neglected people who are not socially recognized by the mainstream community. The profession of these people was fishing and transportation through boats but when modern transport systems were developed their means of income were lost and finished. The government also prohibited them from fishing in the Indus River. These people had very little business and consequently almost no income. Therefore, many of these people became beggars.
Over the past 14 years, Riverside Development Organization has been supporting communities in rural areas of Sukkur, Sindh, province of Pakistan to address the challenges they are faced in their community on education, food, unemployment, emergency response, Rehabilitation, Women Empowerment, Basic Health Facilities, Skill Development, Hygiene, and Environment Protection at the local level through the process of community & other stakeholder’s involvement.
I Munawar Gill, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Our organization purpose, to support and elevate marginalized communities, women and especially children to live a respectable life. We strongly believe that every individual has a right to have access to necessities of life, this is what we have been doing over a decade and till date. The values we share are embodied in what goes on at RDO from day to day.  
We continuously focus on: Quality education especially girl’s education, Women empowerment, Skill development and entrepreneurship, Human rights, Adaptation towards climate changes, Networking and visioning.
RDO first intervened in emergency response at massive level providing support ----- number of people affected by flood in 2010. Since then, RDO has embarked on an ongoing pursuit of continuous improvement through different approaches to empower the community to overcome poverty, including sponsorship of children and via Self-help approach.

We aim to be fair and honest with partners, team members and to provide them with meaningful, challenging work. We believe no one has a monopoly on good ideas, and, in order to grow professionally, we will work with anyone who has constructive proposals for improved performance. Furthermore, we welcome all other like-minded organizations to be our partners. As a humanitarian worker and the leaders of this organization I strongly believe that every human has been blessed with the ability to help other that ultimately leads to praise GOD for HIS blessings because little added at a time can become a lot after some time. Thus or motto is; ‘To Serve Humanity Is To Serve GOD’ Looking to the future, and our next stage of growth. That passion remains the lifeblood of this organization and continues to translate into tremendous success. On behalf of RDO, I invite you to explore our website, learn more about all we have to offer and be a part of our work, I am sure you will see why we love what we do.

Munawar Masih

Chairman/Executive Director - RDO, Sukkur

Chairman - Board of Trustees'

Mr. Arif Allah Rakha

Professor FC College -A Chartered University, Lahore

Secretary - Board of Trustees'

Mr. Nadeem Aziz

Deputy Manager - Sui Sothern Gas, Karachi

Treasurer - Board of Trustees'

Mrs. Bushra Munir

Head Mistress City School system, Sukkur

Member - Board of Trustees'

Mrs. Sumeera Khurram

Nursing Tutor - Civil Hospital, Attock

Member - Board of Trustees'

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