Fighting for Surviving

Tabeena is one of the unlucky girl who is fighting for her survival. A 09 years old girl identified as Tabeena, daughter of Inayat Ali was suffering from a chronic disease since last one year which compelled her to laid down on bed and which caused she couldn’t walk. A team of Riverside Development Organization – RDO visited the village Shahbaz Dino Khorkhani of Taluka Salehpat District Sukkur for a routine assessment purpose where the Deputy Commissioner Sukkur had also declared Emergency and PPHI Sindh arranged a 24/7 Medical Camp there. 

Baby Tabeena's condition

“We get shocked when we saw a girl (Tabeena) lying alone on bed in her mud house situated at village Shahbaz Dino Khorkhani which was scattered from other houses and Team get frightened while seeing the condition of her house in unhygienic condition as they're living in extreme poverty”.House of Baby Tabeena

 When our RDO team was retuning back then suddenly a lady came there and depicted that she (Tabeena) is her daughter, and they have 08 children (04 girls and 04 boys) including Tabeena, Tabeena’s father Inayat Ali is a daily wage labor and Tabeena is severely ill suffering from multiple diseases since past year, and now she is not able to move/stand and can not lay down her feet on earth. After consultation with doctors it came to know that she is a chronic patient suffering from severely malnourishment with Osteo Malysia and in this regard she needs special attention and must be referred to Sukkur in Nutrition Stabilization Center for her proper diagnostic process with proper nutritional and medicated care. The Riverside Development Organization Team will do her proper follow-up and will try to help her family including provision of Food Items/Ration, NFI Kits and other Relief Goods.