RDO is working since 2008 with the vision “TO SERVE HUMANITY IS TO SERVE GOD”. RDO initially started to work among the Slum Dwellers residing along the Riverbank of Indus (Katcha Bandar) and implemented its 3 years pilot project “The Riverside Slum Children Project (RSCP)”. These were neglected people who are not socially recognized by the mainstream community. The profession of these people was fishing and transportation through boats but when modern transport systems were developed their means of income were lost and finished. The government also prohibited them from fishing in the Indus River. These people had very little business and consequently almost no income. Therefore, many of these people became beggars.
Over the past 14 years, Riverside Development Organization has been supporting communities in rural areas of Sukkur, Sindh, province of Pakistan to address the challenges they are faced in their community on education, food, unemployment, emergency response, Rehabilitation, Women Empowerment, Basic Health Facilities, Skill Development, Hygiene, and Environment Protection at the local level through the process of community & other stakeholder’s involvement.