Muannaza is 08 years old baby girl surviving hard for live alive by suffering from a chronic skin disease known as Lepromatus Leprosy (Juzam) which affects her life.Baby Munnaza belongs to a very poor family living in below poverty line as her father Rab Dino Mirani is a daily wage labour whose earned livelihood is insufficient for his entire family in these hard days.The parents depicted that they laid down their hope for her beloved daughter named Munnaza as she is infected with Lepromatus Leprosy (Juzam) by birth which disease is considered as a curse in the community.As per routine welfare services, The Medical Team of Riverside Developed Organization – RDO arranged a Free Medical Camp at village Imdad Mirani, UC Pattni, Taluka Rohri of District Sukkur, where luckily the mother of Munnaza came there from their village Khanan Mashi while receiving the information about the Free Medical Camp with the hope for better. The parents of Munnaza further disclosed with Doctor that their Munnaza is suffering from such chronic disease by birth as her skin is lesions.Meanwhile Dr. Agha Muneer Khan from RDO diagnosed/traced Munnaza and declared as a case of Leprosy (Juzam).This a Nervous system disorder caused by the mycobacterium Leprae in which there is damage to both the skin and the nerves causing loss of sensation to pain and hair loss.


  •   The leprae is rod shaped
  •   It is gram positive (+)


  •  This type occurs in people with a decreased cell mediated immunity
  •  There is loss of motor functions and hair loss
  •  Skin lesions develops
  •  There is nerve involvement too
  •  The nails of the fingers are badly affected


  •  Loss Of Pain Sensation
  •  Ear Lobe Thickening
  •  Skin Scrapping